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​IV Therapy

As we all know, healthy eating and nutrition are extremely important to keep the body in balance. However, reduced absorption, increased demand, and lack of nutrition can dramatically reduce your body’s overall nutritional status and, therefore, health.

Reduced absorption is the most unsuspecting cause of low nutrient status in North America. It can result from a variety of common issues including acute or chronic stress, excess or deficient stomach acid, intestinal inflammation (IBS, IBD, Crohn’s), ulcers, allergies, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating.

Increased demand is associated with chronic stress, insomnia, athletics, pregnancy, travel, viral or bacterial infections, surgery, and chronic illness.

Lack of nutrition is often due to not eating enough nutrients or consuming a nutrient-poor diet.

The Myers’ cocktail is an excellent way to increase nutritional status. The treatment involves a 15-20 minute intravenous push of therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals including: magnesium, calcium, trace minerals, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. It was originally developed by Dr. John Myers MD to address chronic fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia and depression. Today, it is used extensively to treat many medical conditions and also as a preventative boost for the over-worked, over-trained or recovering patient.

Indications for the use of intravenous nutrient therapy include:

[▪] Fatigue

[▪] Anxiety

[▪] Depression

[▪] Dehydration

[▪] Acute asthma attacks

[▪] Migraines

[▪] Chronic fatigue syndrome

[▪] Fibromyalgia

[▪] Acute muscle spasm

[▪] Upper respiratory tract infections

[▪] Chronic sinusitis

[▪] Seasonal allergies and rhinitis

[▪] Cardiovascular disease

[▪] Third trimester pregnancy +/ onset of labour

[▪] To enhance athletic performance

The advantage of IV therapy over oral nutrition is the benefit of bypassing the digestive limitations (discussed above) and supplying the body with a medicinal dose of essential nutrients. This ensures absorption and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

The Myers’ cocktail has gained its reputation from the immediate and long term results patients experience after the treatment. Occasionally during the injection, some patients may feel a mild flush or taste the B vitamins. As with any IV therapy, there may be mild irritation or bruising at the injection site. In summary, intravenous nutrient therapy is a fast, safe, and extremely effective treatment for a wide range of clinical conditions.